Precision mechanics since 1946


Prototypes, mechanical machining, system construction.


Different services for different departments.

Asticher general engineering

General Engineering

Asticher Energy sector

Energy and Compressor

Asticher Oil e Gas service

LNG & Oil and Gas

Asticher Revamping service

Special Equipment

Asticher Iron and Steel Service

Iron and Steel

Asticher automotive service


Asticher military defence

Military defense

Why Choose Us


Asticher s.r.l. is certified according to the ISO 9001-2015 e IATF16949-2016 quality standard and it guarantees high quality standard.

Our highly specialized staff manages laboratory tests on site. The company has second- level qualified operators.

Asticher s.r.l. also has advanced equipment such as 3D measuring machine, 3D calculation antrophomorfic arm for third party. Our company is able to do topometric optical scanners on site without moving the details out of the plant.

Fun Fact

Asticher Group

Asticher srl is the holding company of a group of companies called AsPro operating in the field of medium-heavy mechanical machining

Carpentry, turning, boring, milling, assembling, final testing. The production range goes from the single prototype to the average series.

The winning choice of the Group have been the specialization and the quality, in a period that saw the shift abroad of mechanical machining of low technological profile: investing in technology, experimenting with new materials, customer attention, quick and timely services and competitive pricing.

Questa unione di sinergie ha permesso ad Asticher S.r.l. ed all’intero gruppo di espandersi e di conquistare una posizione di prestigio nel mercato nazionale e internazionale.

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