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About asticher

Asticher your reliable partner for mechanical machining and services

Carpentry, turning, boring, milling, assembling, final testing. The production range goes from the single prototype to the average series. The winning choice of the Group have been the specialization and the quality,in a period that saw the shift abroad of mechanical machining of low technological profile: investing in technology, experimenting with new materials, customer attention, quick and timely services and competitive pricing.

Asticher About

Our history

The beginning

Cavalier Giuseppe Asticher starts in a 3x6 square room.

We entered the Public Transport buying a Balilla car;

In 1955 a service station, a dealership, a driving school and a garage were built. In 1970 was founded Pulimeccanica: an industrial maintenance company and in 1972 was deposited the " industrial motor cleaner" patent

Entry into the industrial carpentry

In 1983 were deposited morse patents, in 1989 production began with numerical control machines, in 1991 a joint venture with CNC machine manufacturer Mastroy (Bulgaria).

Adoption of the ISO 9001 Quality System

In 1997 was realised the first metrology room, in 2002 new stores were built and the production areas expanded; in 2004 Asticher obtained ISO 9001 certification.

ASPRO Asticher Group startup

In 2008 was created the Aspro Union. From 2010 to 2011 the production layout is completely redefined, in 2012 is activated the third-party testing and in 2013 Asticher gets the qualification for the supply of "safety" details in the military sector.


From 2017 we managed our quality according ISO TS standards and later updated to IATF 16949/2016.


ISO 15001 , ISO 45001 and ISO 50001

Extention of the commercial network on foreign markets