Automotive and Special Vehicles

About Automotive and Special Vehicles

In the ever-evolving automotive and special vehicles industry, Asticher stands as a linchpin, providing critical solutions through precision mechanical machining.

As a key player in the production process, Asticher crafts essential components that drive the efficiency, performance, and safety of vehicles. From precision-engineered engine parts and transmission components to specialized elements tailored for unique vehicle designs, Asticher’s expertise ensures that each piece meets the exacting standards of the automotive sector. With an unwavering commitment to precision and quality, Asticher adapts to technological advancements, integrating cutting-edge methods and materials to remain at the forefront of innovation. Through their dedication, Asticher plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of automotive and special vehicles, contributing to the creation of reliable, high-performance, and innovative solutions for the transportation industry.




Asticher specializes in the precision crafting of components that are pivotal in the automotive industry. Our commitment to quality and precision is ingrained in every stage of pre-series production, ensuring that each automotive part meets the stringent standards required for testing and validation. Asticher collaborates closely with automotive manufacturers during the crucial pre-series phase, offering tailored solutions to fine-tune and optimize components before full-scale production.


Asticher actively partners with clients to co-create solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. Our team collaborates seamlessly with automotive manufacturers, leveraging their deep understanding of mechanical machining and co-design principles to develop components that marry functionality with efficiency.

Iron cast

Asticher employing state-of-the-art machining technology and a commitment to excellence, we meticulously manufacture cast iron pieces with a focus on durability, strength, and dimensional accuracy. Asticher stands as a trusted partner for automotive manufacturers, providing bespoke solutions that meet and exceed the industry's stringent standards.

Forged parts

Asticher specializes in the production and machining of hot-forged parts tailored explicitly for the automotive sector. our company integrates cutting-edge technology and expertise to manufacture hot-forged components. As a trusted partner, we collaborate closely with automotive manufacturers, providing bespoke solutions that align seamlessly with their specifications.

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