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Asticher excels in providing precision mechanical milling

Asticher excels in providing precision mechanical milling and turning services for medium to large-sized parts, alongside expert mechanical unit assembly.

Our capabilities extend to both our in-house facilities and collaborations with esteemed partners. We boast proficiency in diverse areas, encompassing metal carpentry, welded components, exceptionally precise mechanical machining, and components assembly.




At Asticher, we understand that innovation and precision are at the heart of successful engineering.

Our prototyping services offer a crucial phase in the development of mechanical solutions. Through our expertise in mechanical machining, we bring your concepts to life, transforming ideas into tangible prototypes. Our skilled operators collaborate closely with you to refine designs, test functionalities, and address potential challenges.

By harnessing advanced machining techniques, we craft prototypes that mirror the final product’s performance and specifications. Whether you’re exploring new designs, validating concepts, or seeking to optimize functionality, our prototyping capabilities pave the way for engineering excellence.

Spare Parts

At Asticher, we recognize the importance of operational continuity in the world of mechanical machining.

Our comprehensive range of high-quality spare parts ensures that your machinery remains at peak performance. Backed by our precision manufacturing expertise, these spare parts are meticulously crafted to match the original specifications of your equipment. From critical components to specialized accessories, we provide reliable solutions that minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond machining; it’s about delivering the right spare parts to keep your operations running smoothly.


Apart from precision mechanical machining, Asticher specializes in assembling and revamping mechanical components within various energy sectors.

The process of revamping encompasses a thorough feasibility study, performance analysis, and project development. Upon completion of the assessment and analysis, our team of experts collaborates with the client to secure project approval. Throughout each stage of this process, the customer is kept well-informed.

  • The standard procedure unfolds through the subsequent steps:
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of the revitalization.
  • Analysis of performance and formulation of the project.
  • Client’s endorsement of the project.
  • Disassembly of existing components or lines
  • Precision machining of new components or reconstruction of existing elements.
  • Implementation of non-destructive testing.
  • Shipping of the assembled and securely packaged component directly to its final destination, such as a power plant.

Revitalization yields numerous benefits, including enhancements to every individual plant component, amplified plant efficiency and lifespan, and a reduction in regular maintenance expenses.

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